The Cubicle

You’ve got a perfect body. Yes, you! Your eye-lashes catch your sweat; you gag when you swallow a fish-bone; you laugh when you get tickled. Step inside The Cubicle – a space where you’re perfect just the way you are.


Creative Producers: Kilter

Performance written, directed & designed with Sarah Davey-Hull & performed by Oliver Langdon & Caroline Garland.
Installation designed by Molly Hawkins
Lead Researchers & Body Positive Cafe Hosts: Melissa Atkinson & Jessica Alleva
Produced in partnership with the Public Engagement Unit at the University of Bath.



Audience Reactions

“It works – my body feels great!!!”


“The changing room of dreams”


“The show was amazing. It was fantastic to hear some guidance on how we can put the ‘rebellion’ into action. I hear a lot of people being very positive about their bodies but have no real guidance on how to get there myself – focusing on body functionality, appreciating the intimacies of the physical and building positivity through gratitude – great messages.”


“It’s good to be reminded that we are all different, and it’s OK to be different – unique.”


“Life affirming!”