Scenes From the End of the World

Scenes From The End Of The World


Oh the ocean is boundless but of this I’m sure

We must keep it clean and we must keep it pure

For our sons and our daughters we must save the waters

For that’s how this place ought to be


But fuck the seas! Fuck the seas!

Fuck all dolphins and all manatees!

I have no quarrel with poisoning coral

Fuck the seas, Fuck the seas, Fuck the seas!


A new writing commission from Chris Bush for MA Contemporary Acting at RCSSD. A funny, irreverent and thought provoking play that explores the end of the world. Told in 14 scenes.


Performed at The Yard Theatre 2018




Director                      Sarah Davey-Hull

Designer                     Kate Driver Jones

Lighting Designer      Jamie Platt

Sound Designer         Joe Dines

Associate Director     Shani Erez



Annemarie Anang, Drew Brock baker, Keeran Blessie, Keagan Carr Fransch, Marijn Claes, Henry Davis, Laura Rose Hooper, Charlie Dan Jones, Tommy Letts, Hannah Maddison, Phoebe Naughton, Rachael Neary, Tanner Paul and Madeleine Walker