Fat Doreen Collective

Fat Doreen’s Wedding

Battersea Arts Centre 2008 

The audience were invited to Fat Doreen’s Wedding as guests. Audience members played the Groom, Best Man, Father of the Bridegroom and Mother of the Bride, and everyone else was a guest. As such the audience members made speeches, cut the cake, ate the cake and were driven away in the bridal cars. On the surface a normal wedding yet underneath a murder mystery – the cake was poisoned and the bride had a concealed knife…


This was an experiment in participatory theatre to see how far an audience will venture to change the course of the action.


Audience Feedback:


“Loved going out into the street and waving off the happy couple. Theatre is more fun when it involves innocent bystanders wondering what the hell is going on.”


“Bizarre, exciting, Very imaginative. Unexpected.”


“Brilliant – both in its concept and execution.”

Fat Doreen’s Production

Southwark Playhouse 2008

Invited to perform one last play in the Southwark Playhouse before it became a film production office – this fringe theatre space in the heart of Bankside was transformed in every nook and cranny. Inspired by the Playhouse’s rich and varied theatre history, the audience became the actors and stars of the show, while the actors provided behind the scenes support.  Audience members played Judy Dench, Daniel Day-Lewis, Kenneth Williams, Daniel Craig, Ross Kemp, Heather Mills and Daniel Radcliff among others and were taken through the various stages of putting on a play; experiencing the casting process, costume, script rewrites, rehearsals and finally going on stage.


Audience feedback:


“The best bit was being part of it…amazing.”


“Strange, wonderful, hilarious.”


“Your best yet! Fabulous.”